PDQA is made up of Product Development Unit and Quality Assurance (Laboratory)

  1. The Product development unit is responsible for the research, development and production of the Agency’s pilot products. The Head of Product Development Department is Luke Ifreke Michael.

 The department consists of the following units.

  1. Process Technology, Raw Material Extracts and Galenicals Development:   Responsible to develop, document, and maintain crude drug repository.  Assist identify and facilitate low cost, process technologies to support the establishment of low-cost standard production facilities. Implement contract production agreement with stakeholders. 
  • Nutrition and Food product and Cosmetics and beauty products:  saddled with the responsibility to research, develop, formulate and standardize herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, health food, dietary supplement, cosmetic and beauty care product and galenicals.  
  • Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease:  The responsibility of this unit is to research, develop, and produce herb – herb therapy   for the management of disease like malaria, typhoid fever, hypertension, tuberculosis, diabetes, peptic ulcer etc. Develop post – harvest process technologies on drying, preservation and storage of raw materials to ensure good quality.

The department through its units have been able to research, developed and produce the following product.

  • Herb- herb anti malaria therapy Known as “Amarus herbal Tea” with NAFDAC NO.A7-4061L
  • OCIMUM Herbal Tea for the Management of Diabetes with NAFDAC NO.A7 -4105L
  • Herbal medicated Soap for skin disease (dematophytes)
  • Realman Herbal tea for erectile function with NAFDAC No. A7- 5235L
  • Mosquito repellent herbal cream for malaria prevention (repel mosquitoes thereby reducing contact).
  • Herbal insecticide
  • Herbal sanitizer
  • Herbal Gravite for poultry- for egg laying
  • Herbal Anti – cancer for management of prostate cancer
  • Herbal Vaginal Wash
  • Eye care Herbal tea for management of glaucoma
  • Herbal remedy for hypertension
  • Herbal Anti – Arthritis cream
  • KOVIRON Herbal remedy with NAFDAC no. 100733L

The staff of this unit are: