Internal Audit is part of Management Internal Control system designed to ensure that all system of
accounts and stores including rules and regulations established by the
management are carried out as stipulated.

In other words, Internal Audit unit is a managerial control which functions by measuring and evaluating
the effectiveness of Internal Control system in an organisation.

In line with the provision of the law (FR1701), Internal Audit is a statutory unit being created
by the law and according to Financial Regulation (FR1703) the Head of the unit is directly responsible to the Accounting Officer (The DG) for a detailed audit of the accounts and records and for the examination of the systems and procedures in force.

As required by the law, At the beginning of every government accounting year, we submit to the
Accounting Officer (the DG) a detailed programme of audit and thereafter submit
report monthly to the Accounting Officer on the progress of the audit. We do
issue special reports when necessary, when, in our opinion, the attention of
the Accounting Officer and the Head of Account must be called to any apparent
weakness in the accounting procedure, or to any apparent in-attention to the
reports of the Auditor-General, or to earlier audit report(s) issued by the



In conformity to the statutory requirement as contained in FR 1704, we roll out and submit a
comprehensive annual audit programme at the beginning of every government
accounting year to the DG with copies to the Accountant-General.

The comprehensive
programme of audit covers all the records of the Agency to ensure that:

i.                 The Agency’s accounts have been properly kept

ii.               All public monies have been fully
accounted for, and the rules and procedures applied are sufficient to secure an
effective check and internal control.

iii.            Monies have been expended for the purpose
for which they were appropriated and the expenditure have been made as

iv.             Essential records are maintained and the
rules and procedures applied are sufficient to safe-guard and control public
property and funds.

v.                In order to achieve the above, we carry
out a pre-payment and post-payment auditing on Overhead and capital payment
Vouchers, auditing of Cash Books, Vote Books and other accounting records and

Writing and submission of periodic Internal Audit reports to the Accounting Officer, The
office of the Accountant General of the Federation and The Office of the
Auditor General for The Federation.

Currently working with
Mr. Oluwatumise Amos Ekundayo are two (2) staffs who are as follows:

1.      Mr.
Animashaun Gbenga Emmanuel

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

of Appointment
: 24th April, 2001

:  HND
in Business Admin.

:  Certified National Accountant (ANAN)


2.      Igbega
Ogechi Fortune

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

of Appointment
: 7th January, 2019

Qualification in Accounting.