Adebisi toheeb is an Industrial Chemist who bagged and graduated with first class in the department of Chemistry from Federal University of Technology, Minna. He is a Senior Researcher and Analyst with a recommendable experience. He also held a certification on introduction to World intellectual property. He is currently working as a Senior Research Officer from Product development department at Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency. He is a key member of Nutrition and cosmetology unit where members developed and formulated Occimum Herbal Tea use in the management of diabetes. He previously worked at Asharami Synergy Laboratory from 2016 to 2018 as Quality Control Officer who analysed the chemical and physical interaction of Jet A1. He also worked as Analyst during his National Youth Service Corp at Osun State Water corporation, Ede, Osun state.

He has publication “Determination of heavy metals in three species of fish; Tilapia zilli, Synodontis nagrita and Clarius gariepinus from tagwai dam” and “Evaluation of analgesic activity of herbal formulation in wistar rats”.