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In a recent article by the Guardian Nigeria, Professor Martins Emeje, the Director General of the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA), laid out a compelling argument for focusing on domestic solutions to improve Nigeria’s healthcare system. Prof. Emeje contends that the country’s over-reliance on imported medicines is a major roadblock to progress.

According to Prof. Emeje, prioritizing research and development of natural medicine is the key to establishing a self-sufficient healthcare system in Nigeria. He highlights the potential of traditional medicine to bridge the gap in access to basic healthcare, particularly in underserved rural areas. To ensure the quality and efficacy of traditional medicine, Prof. Emeje proposes that practitioners receive proper training in quality assurance, standardization, and documentation practices.

Professor Emeje’s vision for a domestically driven healthcare system, built upon a strong foundation of traditional medicine, offers a promising approach to improving healthcare access and outcomes for all Nigerians. Read More from source: