You are currently viewing Prof. Martins Emeje Awards Research Grant for Microbiological Assessment of Air Quality

Prof. Martins Emeje Awards Research Grant for Microbiological Assessment of Air Quality

In a testament to his commitment to advancing research and fostering innovation, Prof. Martins Emeje, fondly referred to as “The Capacity DG,” bestowed a prestigious research grant during the weekly In-house Research Seminar held on Wednesday, April 17th. The grant, totaling One Million Naira, was awarded to a distinguished research team led by Dr. Cyril Ohikhatemen Ahonsi. (Product Development/Quality Assurance Department) , comprising LEO Ajegana James (BIORESOURCES DEVELOPMENT AND CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT ) , Aigboje Ojemoiniyi  (Product Development and Quality Assurance, and Oguntoyinbo Abel (Product Development and Quality Assurance) for their exemplary work in Microbiological Assessment of Air Quality within the NNMDA office environment.

The initiative, championed by Prof. Martins Emeje, aims to promote scientific inquiry and knowledge dissemination among NNMDA staff. The weekly In-house Research Seminar serves as a platform for capacity building and the exchange of cutting-edge research findings, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the organization.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ahonsi, the research team demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in conducting Microbiological Assessment of Air Quality, shedding light on the air quality within the NNMDA premises. Building upon this success, the grant will enable the team to expand their research efforts to encompass all Federal Government establishments within the Victoria Island, Lagos.

The significance of this research endeavor extends beyond the NNMDA, as it seeks to enhance understanding and awareness of air quality issues in public institutions. By extending the scope of their investigation, the research team aims to generate valuable insights that can inform policy decisions and contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality standards.

Prof. Martins Emeje’s unwavering support for research initiatives underscores NNMDA’s commitment to excellence and innovation in natural medicine development. Through strategic investments in research and capacity building, NNMDA continues to lead the charge in advancing healthcare solutions and promoting scientific discovery.

As the research team embarks on this ambitious undertaking, the NNMDA community eagerly anticipates the valuable contributions that will emerge from their endeavors. With Prof. Martins Emeje’s visionary leadership guiding the way, NNMDA remains steadfast in its pursuit of scientific excellence and societal impact.