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World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative on Natural/Herbal Medicine in Nigeria visits NNMDA

In a significant stride towards advancing Research for Development (R4D) in natural  medicine  domain, Pharm. Tayo Hamzat, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative on Natural/Herbal Medicine in Nigeria, recently paid a courtesy visit to the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA). The purpose of the visit was to explore possibilities for future collaboration and strengthen the ties between the WHO and NNMDA in the realm of natural medicine.

 During the visit, Pharm. Tayo Hamzat was warmly welcomed by the Director General/Chief Executive of NNMDA, Prof. Martins Emeje, PhD, FAAS, along with the dedicated team at NNMDA. The meeting provided a platform for engaging discussions on the potential avenues for collaboration in research, development, and promotion of natural medicine in Nigeria.


 Pharm. Tayo Hamzat commended NNMDA for its pivotal role in advancing natural medicine and expressed the WHO’s interest in fostering a partnership that would contribute to the broader understanding and acceptance of traditional healing practices. He highlighted the WHO’s commitment to supporting initiatives that bridge the gap in the development of indigenous healthcare systems.


 Prof. Martins Emeje, in response, conveyed NNMDA’s dedication to promoting research and development in natural medicine. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between international organizations like the WHO and national agencies to harness the rich potential of traditional healing practices for the benefit of public health.


 The discussions during the visit touched upon various aspects, including capacity building, knowledge exchange, and the development of guidelines to ensure the safe and effective development of natural medicine.


 As both organizations look forward to future endeavors, this collaboration is poised to open new avenues for research, education, and policy development in the realm of natural and herbal medicine. The NNMDA is honored to be at the forefront of such collaborations, reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field., Facebook: NNMDAFMST,    X(Twitter): namdanigeria