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United States Pharmacopeia visits NNMDA

US Pharmacopeia (USP) Team Visits Nigeria’s Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) for Collaboration

Today, the 16th of February 17, 2024, a significant stride towards partnership in Research for  development of Healthy Living, Jobs and Wealth Creation was made as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Team, headed by Vice President Dr. Jude Nwokike, paid a working visit to the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA). The visit signals potential collaboration between the two entities aimed at advancing manpower development, standardization of products, and equipment calibration and upgrade within the NNMDA.

The USP team extended their commitment to fostering cooperation with NNMDA during their engagement. This collaboration promises to bolster the agency’s efforts in enhancing the quality and efficacy of natural medicine products.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Prof. Martins Emeje, Director General/Chief Executive of NNMDA, alongside the Top Management Committee and the entire staff. The visit included a comprehensive facility tour, insightful presentations by the Director General, and fruitful engagements between the USP team and NNMDA staff.

Dr. Jude Nwokike expressed his enthusiasm for NNMDA’s vision, as encapsulated in the agency’s anthem, and affirmed the USP team’s dedication to aligning with NNMDA to realize this shared goal.

This collaborative effort between the US Pharmacopeia and NNMDA holds the promise of advancing standards and practices in natural medicine development, ultimately benefiting healthcare outcomes in Nigeria and beyond.