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The FMIST Minister, Chief Uche Nnaji nicknames NNMDA boss as “Capacity DG”

In a remarkable gesture of recognition and admiration, the Honorable Minister of the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (FMIST), Chief Uche Nnaji, has bestowed upon the Director General of Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA), Prof. Martins Emeje, a distinctive nickname – “Capacity DG”.

This unique nickname resonates deeply with the multifaceted expertise and unparalleled leadership demonstrated by Prof. Martins Emeje in his role at NNMDA within a short period of time. Chief Uche Nnaji reiterated that “It’s not how long but how well,” encapsulating the essence of Prof. Martins Emeje’s leadership style at NNMDA.

As the head of an institution tasked with the vital mission of advancing natural medicine development through research, Prof. Emeje’s commitment to innovation, scientific rigor, and technological advancements has been unwavering.

Chief Uche Nnaji’s choice of nickname reflects not only Prof. Emeje’s exceptional capacity to drive forward the mandates of NNMDA but also his visionary approach towards harnessing the potential of natural medicine for the betterment of the nation. Through his dynamic leadership, Prof. Emeje has propelled NNMDA to new heights, fostering research, development, and dissemination of knowledge in the field of natural medicine.

With “Capacity DG” as a symbol of distinction, Prof. Martins Emeje continues to inspire and empower a generation of scientists, researchers, and innovators in the realm of natural medicine. His dedication to building capacity, fostering collaboration, and promoting sustainable development underscores the transformative impact of his leadership within NNMDA and beyond.

In honoring Prof. Emeje with the epithet “Capacity DG,” Chief Uche Nnaji not only acknowledges his outstanding achievements but also celebrates his boundless potential to shape the future of natural medicine in Nigeria. With this recognition, Prof. Martins Emeje embarks on a new chapter of leadership, dedicated to enhancing capacity, driving innovation, and unlocking the transformative power of natural medicine for the benefit of all Nigerians.