Ngozika Okoye,pharmacist with passion for research, has worked at the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) for over six years helping the Agency with the development and promotion of Nigerian traditional medicine through research. Specializing in writing on the use of local food and spices as medicineNgozika has used that experience to maintain a natural medicine column for the Agency in a monthly publication for the past five years. 

By focusing on the promotion of intentional and rational use of foods and spices, indigenous to Nigeria, as medicinesNgozika has been able to put her B.Pharm, MPH, MSc (Clinical Pharmacy) and FPCPharm that she obtained from University of Nigeria, University of Ibadan , University of Lagos and West Africa Postgraduate College of Pharmacists, respectively, to good use. Over the years, her strengths at NNMDA has garnered some recognition for the Agency through her monthly publications in PharmanewsNgozika may spend her days at NNMDA, but it is the research write ups on the job, which she is passionate about, that gets her up in the morning.

When not at NNMDA, Ngozika is an avid dress maker and loves spending time watching movies.