Ms Stella Nkemdilim Ani is a motivational and inspiration leader with over 20 years’ experience in the Public and Government Establishment. She is highly skilled in coaching, mentoring, counselling and leadership within all age bracket.

She has professional strength in areas of Advocacy, Negotiation and Partnership, General Legal Advisers and Intellectual Property with vast knowledge in government functional operations.

Her passion for Intellectual Property spur the management of Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) into creating Intellectual Property Unit. She is the Pioneer and current Head of this unit as well as the Legal Unit. In this capacity and with a strong desire in mentoring, she has trained numerous staff of the NNMDA and others, assisting them to complete the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy Learning Courses/Programs. One of her protégée just completed a MSc program in Intellectual Property & Development at the Korea Development Institute (KDI), Korea Class of 2021.

Some of her key inputs and contributions in the Intellectual Property Ecosystem within NNMDA include: Coordinating stakeholders’ forum on IPR for Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMPs) in all the geo-political zones in Nigeria, organized by NNMDA; Teaching and sensitizing the TMPs and other stakeholders on the protection mechanisms as well as the benefits derived from the IPRs of TMK.

Presented papers titled: “IPR as a Tool for Economic Growth and Development” and “Legal issues on IPR

She was also, the Secretary, Consultative Committee on the Development of IPR Policy and Legal Framework for Traditional Knowledge and Biological Resources, which was facilitated by NNMDA.

Through her effort, NNMDA was granted an Independent Observer Status at the WIPO Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) on Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge & Traditional Cultural Expression.

Currently, she coordinates the activities of the Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO) of NMDA.

Ms Stella Ani graduated from the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus (UNEC) with a degree in Law (LL.B). She was subsequently called to the Nigerian Bar as a practicing Lawyer in 2001. Few years later, she went further to advance her knowledge by acquiring Masters of Law in Intellectual Property (LL.M in IP) at the University of Torino, Italy, a sponsored program by WIPO and ILO/ITC.

Ms Stella Nkemdilim Ani has participated in various Intellectual Property programs both within Nigeria and on the global stage.

She is an Alumini of LL.M in IP Turin/WIPO/ITCILO; International Development Law Organization (IDLO), Rome, Italy; and Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), Strasbourg, France.

Ms Stella Nkemdilim Ani is born in Enugu, Nigeria to both Nigerian parents and she is happily married to Mr. Eric Ukaja Ani. She speaks English and Ibo fluently with basic knowledge in French and Italy.

She can be contacted at: Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA), 9 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Email: