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Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology Celebrates Milestones at NNMDA

On the vibrant 8th of March 2023, the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) witnessed a momentous occasion as it welcomed the esteemed presence of the Honorable Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology.

The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and pride as the Director General/Chief Executive of NNMDA, Prof. Martins Emeje, and the entire NNMDA team extended a warm reception to the distinguished guest.

Prof. Martins Emeje, brimming with joy, hailed the Minister as “NNMDA BESTIE,” signifying the profound partnership and support extended by the Ministry.

In response, the Minister lauded NNMDA’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, citing the remarkable strides made under Prof. Emeje’s leadership. He particularly commended the agency’s stellar performance and the pristine environment maintained, emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering drug production.

The highlight of the day was the unveiling of four indigenous medicinal products, a historic moment marking the first time a Minister has introduced such a significant array of locally produced remedies in Nigeria.

This milestone not only showcases NNMDA’s prowess in research and development but also underscores the nation’s potential in harnessing indigenous knowledge for healthcare solutions.

In addition to the product unveiling, the Minister was given an insightful tour of NNMDA’s state-of-the-art facilities, gaining first hand appreciation of the agency’s capabilities and dedication to advancing natural medicine.

This event not only celebrates NNMDA’s achievements but also symbolizes a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s quest for self-reliance in healthcare innovation.

With continued support and collaboration, NNMDA is poised to further revolutionize the landscape of natural medicine, contributing significantly to the nation’s health and prosperity.