Iheanacho Augusta C. is a senior Scientific Officer with Federal Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, Bioresources Technology Department for 8 years till date which her job description includes: Monitoring and co-ordination of Research and Development findings in Bioresources, Formulation and Promotion of appropriate guidelines on conservation utilization of Bioresources.

She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Biochemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Post-Graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Education and Management from National Open University of Nigeria and Masters of Science (in- view) in Public Health.

She was first seconded to Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), Lagos, department of Chemical, Fibre and Environmental Technology: Nutraceutical Aromatic and Pesticidal Plant division for a period of 4 years where her job description include: Collection of Medicinal Plants from the division’s plant farms, Extraction of Essential Oils from plants and from oil seeds.

She is presently on secondment with Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency Lagos, Department of Bioresources Development and Documentation. Her job description include: Sensitization, Documentation and Development of National Directory of Indigenous Medicine Practitioners in Nigeria.

She attended workshops and trainings on Food contaminant and International conference on Natural Resources.

She is a member of Nutrition society of Nigeria.