Abimbola Theresa Ola-Adedoyin is a Senior Research Officer at the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency. I am From Osun State. I have an M.sc in Food Technology and a B.tech in Food Science from the University of Ibadan and Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, respectively. I have a valuable experience in food quality, functionality, and nutrition and its application through processing, production, and packaging. I am equipped with a wide range of skills in, different Processing techniques, Laboratory analysis (nutritional, physicochemical, phytochemical composition, antioxidant activity), Sensory evaluation, Shelf–life stability, and Food Safety using Wistar albino rats. With enthusiasm for research, innovation, and product development to improve and promote quality of life, and to deliver safe, functional, and high nutrients food products and their related. I am a researcher with an interest in using Food Plants for the development of Novel Food Products, Functional Foods, Food Fortification, and Nutrient-Dense products to combat Malnutrition. My research is focused on identifying optimal processing conditions, ingredient formulations, and processing techniques to improve the sensory, nutritional, and antioxidant properties of food products. I have published several research papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented my findings at seminars and conferences.