• Carry out ethnomedicinal/veterinary surveys, collation and documentation of Nigeria Medicinal, Aromatic and Pesticidal Plant(MAPPs) resources with a view to developing a comprehensive inventory of Nigeria MAPPs, animal and animal parts; minerals use in Traditional Medicine/Natural products
  • Facilitate the establishment of experimental farms/gardens, Arboretum and standard herbal garden across strategic habitat in Nigeria for the cultivation of standard MAPPs for farming, research, entrepreneurial and raw material sourcing
  • Promote the preservation of vital indigenous knowledge of Medicinal Aromatic and Pesticidal Plants (MAPPs).
  • Identify and document MAPPs specific to ecological zone/habitats and promote their medicinal, raw material and economic potentials.
  • Develop compendium of commonly used and Generally regarded As Safe (GRAS) MAPPs of Nigeria.
  • Develop and popularize the relevant Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) especially for specific and high demand MAPPs of Nigeria.
  • Develop and maintain standard Herbarium as focal reference centre for medicinal plant research.
    Develop and maintain virtual Database of collated MAPPs of Nigeria.
  • Work strategically to position Nigeria in the viable Bioresources/Biodiversity world trade.
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