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  • Research, collate, document, develop, promote and preserve knowledge, practice and products of Natural Medicine (Traditional Systems, Traditional Medication and non Medication Healing Arts, Sciences and Technology) with a view to facilitating its integration into the National Healthcare Delivery System.
  • Identify, document and maintain a comprehensive National Inventory of Nigeria’s Medicinal, Aromatic and Pesticidal Plants (MAPPs), animal and animal parts and minerals and other natural products, used for human and veterinary/livestock healthcare management, maintenance, care and support.
  • Facilitate the Cultivation, preservation and conservation of MAPPs and maintain pilot and/or experimental medicinal farms, gardens and herbaria in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and promote sustainable use of natural medicine resources through the development of good Agro-techniques for the cultivation and conservation of medicine plants.
  • Develop and maintain Herbarium of Nigeria Medicinal Plants as focal reference centre for research & development.
  • Promote the production of standardized extracts, nutraceuticals, health foods, dietary supplements, body care products and galenicals of Traditional remedies from local herbs and MAPPs through appropriate public¬private partnership schemes, for further research and commercialization.
  • Facilitate the development of low cost and appropriate process and packaging technologies for small and medium scale industrial production and commercialization of Traditional Medicines.
  • Develop post-harvest and process technologies on collection, process and storage of Medicinal Aromatic and Pesticidal Plant materials to ensure good quality stock and proper value addition to end products and formulations.
  • Promote manpower development and training, public sensitization and awareness creation in all areas of Natural medicines (indigenous traditional health systems, medication and non-medication healing arts, sciences and technologies).
  • Initiate appropriate mechanisms for the development of Intellectual Property Right regime (IPR) for Traditional Medicine Knowledge and Practice (TMKP).
  • Develop a Digital Virtual Library, a dedicated focal reference centre for research and development of Traditional Medicine and Medicinal, Aromatic and Pesticidal Plants (MAPPs) of Nigeria.
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