The Admin Department provides major support to the Research Activities of the Agency by facilitating the process of acquiring the needed human and material resources. We equally participate in the Research Activities of the Agency to the extent that is possible.

The Admin Department has 2 Sections and 12 Units. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline Section is one of the Sections with 5 Units.


          The brief on the Appointment, Promotion and Discipline Section is as below:


The objectives of having the AP&D Section are as outlined below:

  • Employment of qualified human resources that are able to do jobs assigned to them effectively.
  • Promotion of staff whenever they are due in-line with the Public Service Rules and Scheme of Service. This motivates and increases their out-put.
  • We encourage staff to abide by the Public Service Rules, Extant Circulars and Guidelines for operating in Service.
  • We also ensure the well-being of staff at all times to ensure their optimal performance.
  • The training and re-training of staff for skill acquision and enhanced human capacity are also done.
  • Lastly, for industrial harmony, the section encourages good Management/Unions’ Relationship.



(a)     The section has facilitated the conduct of promotion and employment interview whenever necessary from 2004 to date with the support of the Director General.

(b)     Offer advisory service to staff proactively on the requirements for their promotion to the next level.

©      Facilitation of the Regularization of Appointment of Staff Employed from 1999 to 2006.

  • Presentation of a Draft of the Staff Handbook to the Management for    

     consideration, approval and Publishing.

  • Annual Preparation of Staff Training Plan/co-ordination of workshops

organized for staff in-house.

  • Facilitation of good Management/Unions’ relationship for industrial harmony.
  • With the strong backing of the Director General, we have facilitated computer acquision on lease for 60 staff of the Agency.


The Section has a draft of the Staff Handbook for Managements’ approval and publishing. The handbook contains information on the Administrative Structure of Government establishments, Appointments, Promotion, Leave, Trainings, Code of Ethics of the Service, etc.


The section partners with several institutions of Higher learning by accepting their students that study related course to the Agency’s mandates as trainees. We also send our staff to some specialized public and private organizations for training.


In the area of documentation and data base, we have the following:

  • Updated list of Applicants for Employment.
  • Pending Approvals for Employment.
  • Updated Staff List with dates of 1st Appointment, Last Promotion and some other information.
  • Past Briefs for Promotion, Employment, Right-Sizing and the likes.
  • Disciplinary Records of Staff from 1999 to 2007.

The Section collaborates with other Agencies – Public and Private – to get vital information that are pertinent to the work of the agency. We also collaborate with other Agencies to collect vital information needed for Staff Training. We also work in collaboration with other Departments, Sections and Units for smooth work-flow.


For capacity building, several workshops had taken place in the Agency in which the Section played the following roles:-

  • Organisation and co0ordination of several due-processed in-house Training for the Staff of Admin, Accounts and Research Departments.

Recommendation of staff of the office to attend workshops outside the Agency to the Management for consideration.

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